Chasing the Prophecy

Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy
by Brandon Mull

Once again Brandon Mull has successfully concluded a series and kept me entertained through out. I throughly enjoyed this book and was happy with all the twist and turns and endings. I loved seeing the prophecy that they received at the end of the last book slowly unveil itself. When the heros faced seemingly impossible situations, the solutions seemed brilliant and not impractical at all. I know fantasies sometimes have magical solutions but I like it when those solutions make sense with the story and aren't just easy fixes... if that even makes sense. I will admit that I figured out how they were going to beat the Emperor before they did but that didn't bother me.

What I really love about his writing is that he has such thoughtful and insightful moments between his characters. At one point there was a long discussion about doubts and faith that I found perceptive and enlightening. I love what Galloran says in response to Rachel's doubts, "Faith isn't knowledge, Rachel. Faith is a tool. Faith keeps us going until we get the knowledge. Faith keeps us striving until we reach the consequences of our most important decisions."

Anyway... This was a great ending to the series and it felt like there was even a possibility for another book. I continue to enjoy Brandon Mull's writing. He is truly great at story telling.