Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion
By Brandon Mull

Oh how I enjoy reading anything written by Brandon Mull and this book was no exception.

This story continues following Rachel and Jason as they attempt to find a way to defeat the evil wizard Maldor. I couldn't put this story down and stayed up way later then I planned last night to finish it. There are so many fascinating people in this story. I really love the World of Lyrian that he has created. The different types of people they encounter are so different from many of the other fantasies I have read and I thought they made the book that much more interesting. I even liked the walking dead in the story and I haven't found too many books with Zombies that interesting before so that is saying something.

So far this has been a great fantasy series. Books like this always remind me why I love fantasies so much. I have already started the last book in the series and I can't wait to find out how it all ends.