The Thief

The Thief
by Megan Whalen Turner

This was a really entertaining read. It is told from the perspective of a thief who is forced into the king's service to steal something. I really enjoyed reading about Gen's adventures and the other characters he traveled with.

The world she created for this tale had a very Greek feel to it, which I thought made it not only a unique fantasy but really fascinating. I loved the stories about the old Gods they exchanged because they reminded me so much of the old Greek tales. I thought this was a great addition to the story.

This is a young adult book but I felt like the style of writing seemed more geared toward the younger teen crowded. It was a quick, fun read. I was able to finish it in a couple days. There was a little bit of language so keep that in mind if you are considering letting someone younger read ts book.

I thought the ending was great. Not only was the perfecting ending for a character like Gen but it made me curious about what comes next.

I can't wait to read the other books in this series. I am looking forward to reading more about these characters.


  1. I love this series! Each book is better than the last...and that's tough because this first book is phenomenal! I hope you enjoy the next 3 books! :)


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