The King of Attolia

The King of Attolia
by Megan Whalen Turner

I am really loving these books!  I am having a hard time choosing a favorite. Each book is completely different from the last, yet are all entertaining for the same reasons.

I love trying to figure out just what Gen is truly up to. Things are never as they seem in these stories and this book was no exception.

What I really liked about this story in particular was that it was told mostly from the perspective of a soldier who knew Gen only as the Queen's Thief from Eddis. He didn't know all the things about him that I learned while reading the last two books. Because of those things, I knew that Gen was putting on an act for the people of Attolia. I wasn't sure what he was trying to achieve with his performance, but I knew there had to be some goal as his motive.

I loved how this story unfolds. I loved watching (because isn't reading just like watching a movie!) the changes in the characters as they interacted more with Gen.

This was a great story that I couldn't put down. I am very excited to read the last book.


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