Water Harvest

Water Harvest
by Eric Diehl

 Even though it took me a while to read this book, I enjoyed getting to know this new world. This book was an interesting mix of Sci Fi and Fantasy. There was technology and invaders from the moon, but there was also fantastical creatures and mystical forces at work.

I will admit that it took me while to get into this story because the world was so foreign to me and at times overly descriptive/wordy (think Tolkien). There was just so much going on and so many new characters to learn, that at first I had a hard time keeping track of it all. This is probably one of those books where it would have been good to have a hard copy. I find it much harder to flip back to previous chapters when reading on my kindle. I am such a visual person that it is often simple for me to flip back to the exact pages I need to read, in order to refresh my memory about a certain character or event. I have not figured out how to do this very successfully on my kindle. The names in this story were just so similar, that it was hard for me to keep track of them all at first and not being able to flip back easily made that more challenging for me. I did eventually figure it out and once I did I found the book much more interesting.

 There were a couple points of the book that I wished there had been more information about because I still feel like I don't  fully grasp the ideas. I would have liked more on the background of the planet and the water harvest that they were fighting over. I also felt like I didn't really understand who the Maesters were and what their purpose was, expect that their leader made for a really good bad guy.

I really liked the character of Cairn and his love Neilai. I spent the entire book hoping that things worked out for them. It is always nice to have someone to truly root for. But my favorite characters where the underground creatures that they meet while exploring some caverns. They were fun to read about and I thought their background was fascinating. I think I would have liked reading more about them.