Chic Fil A and Franklin

A new Chic-Fil-A opened near us. I'd heard good things but had never eaten there before. We decided to try it one saturday after we were done running around checking out garage sales. It. Was. Delicious.
I am completed addicted to their chicken. Enough said.

At the moment their kid's meals come with Franklin books. My boys love Franklin book, or as my 2 year old calls them Turtle books. I have never been a huge fan, the stories always seemed a bit long. Now that my boys are older and are willing to sit longer for a story, these books are growing on me. We got a couple cute ones this month. (I may have eaten there a couple times in recent weeks.)

Franklin Fibs
by Paulette Bourgeois

This is a cute tale where Franklin tells a lie to his friends and has to deal with the consequences. My boys think it is funny when he makes a fly pie.

Franklin and Harriet
by Paulette Bourgeois

In this one Franklin learns how to share his favorite toy with his baby sister. It can be hard to share especially with a baby brother or sister. I thought this was a well thought out story.

I think I may have to pull out the other two we own and give them a go again. I'm pretty sure my boys will love them too.

Franklin Goes to School
by Paulette Bourgeois

About his first day of school.

Franklin In the Dark
by Paulette Bourgeois

What is a turtle to do when his shell is dark but he is afraid of the dark?