The Serpents Shadow

The Serpents Shadow
by Rick Riordan

This is the third book in the Kane Chronicles. These continue to be really fun reads. I really enjoy the interactions between the different characters. This story is fast moving and full of action. I really liked how he wrapped up this Trilogy.

I did wonder about halfway through why Carter and Sadie (the brother and Sister who tell the story) didn't realize what was happening to their friends because it seemed fairly obvious to me. But of course they were busy trying to save the world.

On other comment. The teasing that went on between the siblings didn't seem really neccesary. It was almost like they continued because that was how their relationship had began, but they didn't really mean any of it anymore. Maybe that was the point?

Anyway, this series is fun and I'm glad a read it. I think that my boys will like these books when they get older. My husband sure does.