The Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages
by Brandon Sanderson

This was a big book but well worth my time. It took me a couple weeks to finish it but only because these past few weeks have been so busy. (I love the Holidays but they sure do keep me busy!)

I really do think that Brandon Sanderson is an extraordinary writer. I was a little sad when this book ended. Partly because of some of the things that happen and partly because it meant this series was over. I really grew attached to these characters.

This was a great conclusion to this series. It kept me guessing what would happen and there was always some twist that surprised me. I did figure a couple things out and I did spend part of the book wondering when Vin was going to figure it out.

Maybe the most interesting part for me was the depiction of Sazed's struggle with his faith. The way he struggled with the idea that people could believe in something with out any proof or that people could believe in a higher power when such bad things were happening all around them was eye opening for me. It really helped me understand how hard it can be to believe in the unknown. Being a religious person, I know that there are times when our faith is tested. When we question how or what we believe in and I thought Brandon Sanderson did a wonderful job of portraying that struggle.

I also liked how he showed that the sometimes there can be a fine line between doing the right thing or the wrong thing. How many times do people claim they are doing something in the name of good but are really hurting more people then they are helping? What is ok to sacrifice for the "greater" good?

This book has so much good in it. It is thought provoking, it's characters have such depth, their emotions feel so real, the world is fascinating. I could go on and on. Loved this series!