We recently got a couple books that are great for wintertime. Well, I think they are great because they involve things that make me think of winter like Snow and Polar bears. ;-)

Froggy Gets Dressed
byJonathan London

These Froggy books sure are fun to read. This one is about Froggy wanting to go play in the snow, instead of going to bed. He keeps forgetting some of his clothes and has to go back inside to get dressed again. I thought this one was pretty funny and my boys enjoyed it too.

Who Has These Feet
by Laura Hulbert

I ordered this book on a whim because I thought it looked cute and I sure am glad I did. The pictures are beautiful and I thought it was fun to learn about different animal's feet. Really cute book. I can't wait to read this one with my boys more. The first time through the only feet they recognized were the parrot's. Next time maybe they will remember more!

Do you have any "winter" books you like to read to your kids?