Mummies, Fire Engines and Dogs

When I took the boys to the library this week I was hoping to find some Halloween inspired books to read.

 I didn't have a chance to look any up before we went so I just browsed the shelves looking for something the caught my eyes. I'm not always very successful this way but I did manage to find a few fun books, but connecting them to Halloween may be a little bit of a stretch.

Not Afraid of Dogs
by Susanna Pitzer

Being afraid, that relates to Halloween right? This is a cute story about a brave little boy who just doesn't like dogs. When his family takes care of their Aunt's dog for the night, he is forced to face his fears.

Fire Engine Man
by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha

A book about a kid who dresses up like a fireman, Costume=Halloween. See how I made that work. ;)
We have really been enjoying these books in our house.  We recently read Train man, which the boys loved. We had Fire Fighters in our neighborhood to fight a fire and they were kind enough to let my boys climb on their truck and explore (after they were done putting out the fire, of course!). My youngest was especially excited about the fire fighters, so this book was perfect for him. Simple story, cute pictures, just right for a 2 year old.

Ten Little Mummies
by Philip Yates

This was a great counting book and perfect for Halloween because it is about Egyptian Mummies. We have really been enjoying this one. I like the pictures and the rhymes are cute. I love finding a good counting book for my boys!