It has been difficult finding time to read this week. I am determined to have more time next week, especially since my library book is due at the end of the week!

Speaking of books, my oldest got to order his first books from Scholastic in his preschool class. I loved picking out books from those magazines when I was a kid, so I was more then happy to let my son choose some too.

He choose a set of five Halloween books. We have been enjoying reading them all this week. They are perfect for the month of October.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!
by Lucille Colandro

This was the book that my son really wanted. I think he thought the title was funny. Read this to find out what else she swallows!

Wee Witches' Halloween
by Jerry Smath

A cute rhyming tale about newly hatched witches who try to scare trick or treaters.

T.Rex Trick-or-Treats
by Lois G. Grambling

A fun story about a T.Tex who wants to find a scary costume for Halloween.

Ten Timid Ghost
by Jennifer O'Connell

This story is my favorite of the bunch. This is a great counting and rhyming book about ten ghost that a witch tries to scare out of their house. Each page starts the same but with a different number (i.e. 8 timid ghost or 6 timid ghost) and my son quickly memorized the lines and loves reading this along with me. Plus he is great at telling what number is next based on the word used in the rhyme. These are my favorite types of stories because the kids learn something by reading a fun story. Win. Win.

Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever!
by Don Freeman

Another story about finding the perfect Halloween costume. It also has a great message about helping our friends.

Have you read any fun Halloween stories to your kids this month?