Monday, October 29, 2012

Mummies, Fire Engines and Dogs

When I took the boys to the library this week I was hoping to find some Halloween inspired books to read.

 I didn't have a chance to look any up before we went so I just browsed the shelves looking for something the caught my eyes. I'm not always very successful this way but I did manage to find a few fun books, but connecting them to Halloween may be a little bit of a stretch.

Not Afraid of Dogs
by Susanna Pitzer

Being afraid, that relates to Halloween right? This is a cute story about a brave little boy who just doesn't like dogs. When his family takes care of their Aunt's dog for the night, he is forced to face his fears.

Fire Engine Man
by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha

A book about a kid who dresses up like a fireman, Costume=Halloween. See how I made that work. ;)
We have really been enjoying these books in our house.  We recently read Train man, which the boys loved. We had Fire Fighters in our neighborhood to fight a fire and they were kind enough to let my boys climb on their truck and explore (after they were done putting out the fire, of course!). My youngest was especially excited about the fire fighters, so this book was perfect for him. Simple story, cute pictures, just right for a 2 year old.

Ten Little Mummies
by Philip Yates

This was a great counting book and perfect for Halloween because it is about Egyptian Mummies. We have really been enjoying this one. I like the pictures and the rhymes are cute. I love finding a good counting book for my boys!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This is the third book in the Beautiful Creatures series. I have really been enjoying reading about these characters and I was excited to find out what happens next.

I was happy that in this book Lena was back to her old self. No more running away and acting like she was doomed to be evil. I like her much better when she is with Ethan.

The story took an interesting twist and I had fun reading it.  Although, I kept thinking that Ethan should be more worried about losing his memory then he acted. I get kind of frustrated when a character ignores some really important clue/ sign for the majority of the book, especially when it clearly has something to do with what is happening.

I also felt like the ending was a little jumbled. Things started happening very quickly. One chapter all the friends where together and then the next chapter Ethan was off doing stuff by himself again. Where did everyone else go, why did he take off by himself? It was just a very abrupt transition.

I'm still not sure if I like the ending. SPOILER: I just don't like the idea of someone taking their own life. I'm fine with the idea of someone sacrificing themselves for another, like  jumping in front of a bullet.  But I have a hard time accepting that suicide would ever be the right thing and that is what it felt like to me. But of course I may be reading too much into the ending and it was supposed to be perceived more like a sacrifice for the greater good. Plus it ends before you find out if the sacrifice happens. Maybe the next book will clear that issue up for me.

That being said I look forward to reading the last book in the series to see what really happened in that last chapter. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


It has been difficult finding time to read this week. I am determined to have more time next week, especially since my library book is due at the end of the week!

Speaking of books, my oldest got to order his first books from Scholastic in his preschool class. I loved picking out books from those magazines when I was a kid, so I was more then happy to let my son choose some too.

He choose a set of five Halloween books. We have been enjoying reading them all this week. They are perfect for the month of October.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!
by Lucille Colandro

This was the book that my son really wanted. I think he thought the title was funny. Read this to find out what else she swallows!

Wee Witches' Halloween
by Jerry Smath

A cute rhyming tale about newly hatched witches who try to scare trick or treaters.

T.Rex Trick-or-Treats
by Lois G. Grambling

A fun story about a T.Tex who wants to find a scary costume for Halloween.

Ten Timid Ghost
by Jennifer O'Connell

This story is my favorite of the bunch. This is a great counting and rhyming book about ten ghost that a witch tries to scare out of their house. Each page starts the same but with a different number (i.e. 8 timid ghost or 6 timid ghost) and my son quickly memorized the lines and loves reading this along with me. Plus he is great at telling what number is next based on the word used in the rhyme. These are my favorite types of stories because the kids learn something by reading a fun story. Win. Win.

Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever!
by Don Freeman

Another story about finding the perfect Halloween costume. It also has a great message about helping our friends.

Have you read any fun Halloween stories to your kids this month?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Uncommon Criminals

Uncommon Criminals
by Ally Carter

I am really loving these books. This was such a fun read. This was just what I need this week. A book that I didn't have to struggle to get through. A book that I didn't have to think too much about. A book that was just plain fun.

This follows the same group of young thieves from the first Heist Society novel. I love this mix of characters. There really is a little bit of everything which is what makes these books so much fun.

I really love trying to figure out how they are going to pull off their next job. I'm not good enough to ever figure it out but it is still fun trying.

I hope there is another one because I can't wait to read about what they do next!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Library Books

I finally got around to borrowing a E-book on my Kindle. It was pretty easy. I just signed in with my library card and put myself on the waiting list for the book I wanted. A week or so later the book was available for download onto my kindle.

The only problem was that I only got to keep the book for 7 days and I choose a really long book. This one to be exact:

The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

I only got through 40% of the book before I had to return it and I thought I was a fast reader! Now I have to request the book again and wait for it to be available again. (I want to know what happens but not enough to buy it.)

Speaking of Library loans, here are a few children's books we have been enjoying this week:

Mr Prickles, A Quill-Fated Love Story
by Kara Lareau

This is a cute story about a porcupine that has a hard time making friends because he is different from the other animals, until he discoveries someone else just like him. I liked the pictures and the story. Win-win.

Train Man
by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha

My 2 year old is in love with trains right now so he thinks this book is pretty great. It is a story of a young boy who dreams of being a Train conductor. It is a cute book. I love finding a good train story!

Duck's Key, Where Can It Be?
by Jez Alborough

This is a lift the flap book, so of course my boys love it. They want to read this one every night. It is a simple story of a duck who is trying to find his car key and a frog who keeps hiding it.

No to alike
by Keith Baker

I really liked this one. I think the pictures are beautiful. The story is simple and really sweet. The boys like it too, although maybe not as much as I do.