Library Run

I had put a couple puts on hold at the library and have been patiently waiting for them to arrive. Yesterday I finally received word that one of them was available. I am so excited to start it. I even found a second book I have been looking for for a year on the shelf. Score.

While I was there picking up my books, I decided to pick up a few new books for my kids.

I found a few cute ones.

 Leonardo the Terrible Monster
by Mo Williams

This is a really cute book about a monster who tries his hardest to be scare and then has a change of heart. Not a lot of words, good pictures and a fun story, my favorite type of picture book. My boys really liked it, too.

 Milo's Hat Trick
by Jon Agee

A fun tale about a magician who wasn't so good at tricks until he met a bear who showed him the best Hat trick ever. The pictures were great and the story was funny. My boys are still talking about the magic show we went to this summer so this book was a big hit at our house.

by Jennifer Sattler

This cute story is about a flamingo who decides that begin pink isn't that much fun. I loved the pictures in this book. This would be a great book for kids learning all about different colors and patterns. Really cute story!

We found some really great books this time. Lets hope our next trip to the Library is just as successful!

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