Children finds

We go garage sale shopping every saturday. Sometimes we find some great deals, sometimes we don't. Recently we have been having really good luck. Check out our latest picture book finds.

 If You Give A Pig A Pancake
by Laura Numeroff

All the books in this series are great. I think the pictures are as fun as the story. Today at my son's preschool class, they read this story and then learned how to make pancakes. It was a fun lesson and all the kids loved it.

 the day the goose got loose
by Reeve Lindbergh

For some reason I find anything illustrated by Steven Kellogg to be very nostalgic. This was a fun story about a goose getting loose on the farm. Almost as fun as the day the Boa got loose on the farm. 

Happy Birthday, Moon
Frank Asch

I remember this book as a kid so when I saw it at a garage sale, I just had to snatch it up. This is a really cute story about the Moon, a little bear and his echo. I love it!

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