Friday, August 31, 2012

The Gods of Mars

The Gods of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the second book in the John Carter of Mars series. It follows the story of John Carters return to Mars. 

When I began this book I was excited to find out what became of John Carter. If you have seen the movie, this book starts right where the movie ended. He meets several new creatures in this book and I though the story was very interesting. 

I have to admit that the constant fighting and killing started getting a little old. I'm not sure how John Carter is still alive. He seems to be able to face thousands of enemies and keep going. There were numerous times that he would despair that he was about to die and then by some miraculous feat he was able to win the fight. I think that guys might like this book more then I did... if they like action packed fight scenes. I honestly started skimming the scenes where killing was involved which is actually the majority of the book.

Of course this story ended with a cliff hanger so now I have to read the next book to find out what happens next. Despite all the fighting I actually enjoyed the plot and I really do want to find out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This book is narrated by a young man named Ethan who finds himself draw to the new girl in town, who he has been dreaming about for months. The only problem is that she is the niece of the town recluse and everyone thinks she is strange. As Ethan gets to know Lena he soon discovers that there is more to her then meets the eye. In a small town where nothing ever changes, he begins to discover secrets that could change the course of his life.

At times, while reading this book, I felt like I was watching a scary movie when the character goes down into the basement during a power outage, despite the fact that they know there is danger lurking down there. No there is not a dark, scary basement in the book but there were times I thought to myself, "why are you doing that, everyone keeps telling you it's dangerous!" 

Despite being frustrate by the characters, I have to say that I could not put this book down. I really enjoyed this story. Even though I felt like the dialog / narration wasn't as well written as some other young adult fantasies I have read, I still thought that they did a great job of drawing me into the story. Just like the main character Ethan, I felt like I only understood a small part of what was going on and kept wanting to dig deeper to find the truth. 

I am definitely interested in finding out what happens to the different characters in the next book. This was a great gothic love story. And the cover is gorgeous!

I also heard that they are turning this book into a movie. Could be interesting.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012


by Brandon Sanderson

This book has been on my To be read list for a while. A few weekends ago I came across it at a garage sale and I was so excited to finally have a copy in my hands.

I loved this book. I love fantasy in general but I feel like there was something special about this story. It reminded me of when I first fell in love with Fantasy writing while reading The Belgariad series by David Eddings.

Just like those novels I became completely attached to these characters. There was so much depth to this book. I'm pretty sure he could have written an entire novel around each of these characters. That's what I love about these types of Fantasy, there is so much history behind each character, which makes the story that much more intriguing.

The world he creates in this book is so different then any other fantasy novel I have read. Instead of blue skies and green trees, the land is barren and ash falls from the sky. It is ruled by the Lord Ruler, who is an immortal and powerful man who has brutally oppressed the Skaa workers for a thousand years. The story follows a group of Skaa thieves who join together to attempt to overthrow him.

I loved the idea of allomancy and found it to be fascinating. With allomancy a person uses metals to give him or her special abilities. It was a very cool idea.I loved the unique feel of this book.

I didn't want to put it down and as soon as I was finished, I got onto my Library's website and put the next book on hold.

 I can't wait to read it.  I hope it is as good as this one was. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Book Lovers Day

Today is National Book Lovers Day. I guess there is a day for just about everything!

So in honor of book lovers everywhere I thought I'd share one of my all time favorites.

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott
This is one of the few books that I have read more then twice. I adore this story so much that I wrote my senior english paper in College about it. That was longest and easiest paper I ever wrote.
I adore the characters and love what the book represents. Lousia May Alcott, in my opinion, was ahead of her times. She created a world where girls could define who they were, instead of a world defined by who they could marry.
This story makes me cry, laugh, smile and dream. I truly think this a book all girls should read!

I loved this film too. They did a great job turning the book into a movie. And despite that fact that Christian Bale is most famous for his role as Batman, I will always think of him as Laurie!
So what is your favorite book?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

I had never heard of this series before the movie came out this year but after seeing the movie I became very interested in finding and reading this book. Yes, both my husband and I liked the movie despite the fact that it did terrible at the box office.

It was writing by the same Author who wrote the Tarzan books. This is a Sci Fi novel write all the way back in 1917. Why I have never heard of this series before I do not know, but the John Carter of Mars series has influenced my authors and filmmakers over the years.

This is the first of 11 books in the John Carter of Mars series. You can find it in digital format for free because it is a classic but I ended up spend a dollar for the first 7 books through the Kindle store. For me it was just easier then trying to find and download the free copy!

Although the story is somewhat different from the movie, I recognized all of the characters and many of the events from the story. It did not bother me that they changes the story for the movie because it still felt like they stayed true to the basic tale. I liked that the book helped me understand the different races of Martians better.  

I really enjoyed this book even if it was a little slow at times. I am looking forward to reading more of these books (since I already have 6 more waiting on my kindle) and I am think I should check out some of his Tarzan books too, since I've never read any of them before.

 If you are interested in reading a Sci Fi classic you should definitely put this on your To Be Read list.