The Faerie Door

The Faerie Door
by B. E. Maxwell

I found this book while browsing the bookshelves at the Library. The title immediately grabbed my attention and I thought the cover was pretty.

This book follows two young kids from two different continents and two different time periods who find themselves drawn together by faerie magic. They must help the Faerie queen defeat the evil shadow knight.

Starting this book I knew it was geared towards a younger crowd so I always keep that in mind when judging a book. I was immediately drawn into the story. I really liked the interaction between Victoria who was from 1890 England and Elliot who lived in 1966  America. I laughed out loud when she asks Elliot why he was wearing a giant fruit bat on his shirt (Batman). I thought that the humor was fun and really great for 10-11 year olds. 

The story moved pretty briskly as the kids meet, face the Shadow Knight and escape into the world of the Faerie Queen. They are then sent on separate quest into two separate worlds. This is where the book started to slow down for me. I thought the worlds started out interesting and I enjoyed reading about the different obstacles they faced but then it just got kind of strange and long. It took the majority of the pages of this book for them to complete their quest and there are a lot of pages. They don't even face the Shadow Knight until the last chapter. It was a lot of build up to the final confrontation and then it just ends abruptly. 

I thought this story had a lot of potential and there were parts I really liked but  the story became so complex it lost my interested and I just didn't like how it ended.