Library trip

My boys and I took a trip to the Library on Monday. I wasn't feeling well but the boys were getting restless so I thought a trip to pick out some books would be a great way to bet their boredom.

I should have know that was a bad idea. Sick, sick mommy plus to cranky boys equals no fun. I was completely mortified by their behavior.

I became that mom, whose kid run wild at the library. Pulling books off the shelf and throwing loud tantrums. It was so embarrassing.

What I learned from our trip.

1) Don't judge others. You can't always control kids behavior you can just control how you react to them. It took me several attempts to figure out how to get my kids to settle down. I figured it out eventually and the rest of the time went fine but it took me a few tries.

2) I think that we may be skipping visits to the library for a little while. I think that I may just go and pick up books for them when my husband is home to watch them.

How do you handle Library trips with young children? Especially those of you who have young children close in age?

I would love to figure out away to make those trips fun again because I want the library to be a place that we all look forward to visiting. The library was one of my favorite places to visit when I was a young girl and I want the same for my kids.


  1. Ugh, the library...the place that should be fun but just isn't! My sanity savers at the library, especially now since Todd ran over our stroller and E is free to wander around, are mostly to go at non-peak time. For me, that means fairly soon after the library opens at 9 am. I avoid any sort of story time like the plague because I just can't stand the huge crowds of people. I give OP lots of choices about what books to read, usually something that he's interested in at that moment (today it was star wars!) and that seems to help. If all else fails, I bribe them with a trip to the bakery if they're good. :) There have been many times when I just said "forget it!" and walked out with screaming kids and no books. And that's when I wait for Todd to get home and go without them.


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