Library finds

We did manage to bring a few books home from the library last week. 
Here are our newest finds.

Three-Star Billy
by Pat Hutchins
This is a fun story about a monster who does great on his first day of preschool even though he tries his best to be bad. Cute, but not sure if I want my kids imitating this book.

 "I'm not Cute!"
by Jonathan Allen

Honestly, I thought the pictures were a little strange but the story is really cute. It is about a baby owl who doesn't want everyone to think he is cute, or does he?

by Nick Bruel
This book is mostly for my 2 year old. He likes pointing to the frog on each page. Most of the pages have very few words and mostly just contain pictures of different creatures bouncing. One page has lots of words, you'll have to read it to understand. We think it is pretty cute.

A Dark, Dark Tale
Ruth Brown
I think I have mentioned before that I like stories with a Gothic feel. I saw this cover and decided that we needed to give this book a try. It is a very simple story but I really liked the way you get to explore the dark, dark house. It is perfect for little ones. Not scary at all.

And finally,
Where's Waldo
by Martin Handford

My 4 year old likes to find things so I decided to give this book a try. I remember spending hours looking for all the people and objects in this series. I think it may still be a little to difficult for him but he still has fun looking even if I have to help him find Waldo most of the time.

Have you found any fun new children's books?