Monday, July 30, 2012

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid
by Rick Riordan

I loved this book. It is by the same author who wrote the Percy Jackson series. I've heard complaints that this Kane Chronicle series isn't as good because of the double narrative style of story telling. I have no complaints... I liked they way the story was told.

This story uses Egyptian Mythology and follows two young siblings, who discover that their father is a egyptian magician and are forced to learn what type of abilities run in their family. Having lived apart for years they must come together, after a spell their father cast goes amiss to stop the chaos that follows.

I thought the story line was just as fascinating as the Percy Jackson Series. I think I may even like it a little more. I looked forward to reading it every chance I got. I really enjoy Rick Riordan's writing style.  Sadie and Carter act just the way siblings should and I love the snarky comments and genuine concern that develop between these two.

I don't know what else I can say expect that this was an excellent book and I can't wait to read the rest!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Children's corner

We made it to the library this week. It went slightly better then last time...

We did manage to find a few really cute books.

 Froggy Goes to Bed
by Jonathan London

This story about a young frog getting ready for bed was great. It was very similar to what we go through every night! The pictures are fun too. There is a whole series of froggy books that we may need to check out now.

By David Lucas

We have enjoyed reading this book about a Whale who gets stuck on top of a town. It was a fun story with a happy ending!

Marsupial Sue 
by John Lithgow

This story is really cute. Actually I wasn't in love with the story until I put in the CD. But the song is super cute. My youngest adores this book/song. John Lithgow has a real talent for writing children's songs. We really loved listening to his other book I Got Two Dogs a while back. If you haven't read listened yet you should!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Faerie Door

The Faerie Door
by B. E. Maxwell

I found this book while browsing the bookshelves at the Library. The title immediately grabbed my attention and I thought the cover was pretty.

This book follows two young kids from two different continents and two different time periods who find themselves drawn together by faerie magic. They must help the Faerie queen defeat the evil shadow knight.

Starting this book I knew it was geared towards a younger crowd so I always keep that in mind when judging a book. I was immediately drawn into the story. I really liked the interaction between Victoria who was from 1890 England and Elliot who lived in 1966  America. I laughed out loud when she asks Elliot why he was wearing a giant fruit bat on his shirt (Batman). I thought that the humor was fun and really great for 10-11 year olds. 

The story moved pretty briskly as the kids meet, face the Shadow Knight and escape into the world of the Faerie Queen. They are then sent on separate quest into two separate worlds. This is where the book started to slow down for me. I thought the worlds started out interesting and I enjoyed reading about the different obstacles they faced but then it just got kind of strange and long. It took the majority of the pages of this book for them to complete their quest and there are a lot of pages. They don't even face the Shadow Knight until the last chapter. It was a lot of build up to the final confrontation and then it just ends abruptly. 

I thought this story had a lot of potential and there were parts I really liked but  the story became so complex it lost my interested and I just didn't like how it ended. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Do Dinosaurs

Check out what my husband found at a garage sale.

Three books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
 How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room?

 How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

We love these books at our house and I was thrilled to add some to our children's book collection.
If you haven't checked this series out yet you should. They are great!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Library finds

We did manage to bring a few books home from the library last week. 
Here are our newest finds.

Three-Star Billy
by Pat Hutchins
This is a fun story about a monster who does great on his first day of preschool even though he tries his best to be bad. Cute, but not sure if I want my kids imitating this book.

 "I'm not Cute!"
by Jonathan Allen

Honestly, I thought the pictures were a little strange but the story is really cute. It is about a baby owl who doesn't want everyone to think he is cute, or does he?

by Nick Bruel
This book is mostly for my 2 year old. He likes pointing to the frog on each page. Most of the pages have very few words and mostly just contain pictures of different creatures bouncing. One page has lots of words, you'll have to read it to understand. We think it is pretty cute.

A Dark, Dark Tale
Ruth Brown
I think I have mentioned before that I like stories with a Gothic feel. I saw this cover and decided that we needed to give this book a try. It is a very simple story but I really liked the way you get to explore the dark, dark house. It is perfect for little ones. Not scary at all.

And finally,
Where's Waldo
by Martin Handford

My 4 year old likes to find things so I decided to give this book a try. I remember spending hours looking for all the people and objects in this series. I think it may still be a little to difficult for him but he still has fun looking even if I have to help him find Waldo most of the time.

Have you found any fun new children's books?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Library trip

My boys and I took a trip to the Library on Monday. I wasn't feeling well but the boys were getting restless so I thought a trip to pick out some books would be a great way to bet their boredom.

I should have know that was a bad idea. Sick, sick mommy plus to cranky boys equals no fun. I was completely mortified by their behavior.

I became that mom, whose kid run wild at the library. Pulling books off the shelf and throwing loud tantrums. It was so embarrassing.

What I learned from our trip.

1) Don't judge others. You can't always control kids behavior you can just control how you react to them. It took me several attempts to figure out how to get my kids to settle down. I figured it out eventually and the rest of the time went fine but it took me a few tries.

2) I think that we may be skipping visits to the library for a little while. I think that I may just go and pick up books for them when my husband is home to watch them.

How do you handle Library trips with young children? Especially those of you who have young children close in age?

I would love to figure out away to make those trips fun again because I want the library to be a place that we all look forward to visiting. The library was one of my favorite places to visit when I was a young girl and I want the same for my kids.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


by Kristin Cashore

I was completely enthralled by this book. This was one of those stories that pulled me in so deep that I couldn't seem to get enough. I loved that character of Bitterblue and I cared so much what happened to her and her friends. I really felt like I understood what she was going through. Kristin Cashore has an amazing way of bring a fantastical world alive.

This is the sequel to Graceling and a companion to Fire. I read both these books so long ago that honestly I couldn't remember all that happened or the characters that well but that didn't stop me from enjoying this book. It did make me want to reread both those books so that I could remember the past events that Bitterblue kept referring to better. Plus, I would have liked to remember more about the characters from those books that also played a role in this story. (maybe I will have to reread all three again...)

For those of you who have read one of the first two books, this story follows the daughter of the King Leck as she tries to bring peace to a kingdom torn apart by the terrible deeds of her father. I definitely think this story is meant for the older young adult crowd ( ha ha. I just looked at this sentence and wondered if older young adult even made sense but I'm sure you know what I mean). Some terrible things happen that I think takes a certain maturity to understand.  There were also a couple sexual references but nothing graphic or descriptive.

Anyway, if you haven't had the chance to read these books yet you should give them a chance. I really love this fantasy world that Kristin Cashore has created!