The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero
by Rick Riordan

I really loved this book. I couldn't put it down. My husband didn't like it as much as the Percy Jackson Series but I'm not sure why.  It had just as much humor, action and drama and it was a great read. 

This book introduces you to three new heros and follows them on their first quest to save Hera. I liked all three of them and I thought it was fun that I got to see the story from each of their perspectives. I thought it was great that Roman mythology was involved in the story this time around. 

 Every time I read one of these books I wish I had learned more about Greek and Roman Mythology. I really think that I may have been able to figure out who some of the characters were quicker if I knew more. I sure do love learning about the different characters they run into along the way. 

I am very excited to start the next book in the series. In fact I already read the first chapter! Percy Jackson is back so that is always exciting. My husband loved the second book and I think this is the main reason. 

These are the kind of books that I love to read. Just the right amount of fantasy, with characters that make the impossible seem possible.


  1. I felt the same way as Adam--I liked it but I didn't love it like I loved Percy Jackson. I've got the 2nd book on hold at the library and I'm looking forward to reading it soon (I hope!).


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