Distant Waves

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic
by Suzanne Weyn

This story follows a girl and her four sisters and the path that leads them to be on the Titanic during that tragic event. The story is fictional but many of the people that the sisters cross paths with were historical figures from that era. It was interesting how the author was able to create a fictional story but at the same time include real people and make it seem like those conversations could have truly happened.

Most of the story was a lead up to their voyage on the Titanic, the path that brought them to that fateful day and then it ends some what abruptly. I wished there had been a little bit more to the story. One minute the hit the ice burg and the next the story is wrapping up. 

It did make me want to read some Sherlock Holmes because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was in the story. Or maybe I will just watch the movie. I love that movie...