Library Time

This time I went to the Library with a list of books to try. Thanks Kristy for the book recommendations!

Some of the books I found and some I didn't but found other books by the same author. It was a successful trip.

Here are a few the boys and I are enjoying.

Moose Tracks
by Karma Wilson and Jack E. Davis

Find out who left the moose tacks all over the house in this fun book. The pictures are delightful.

 The Birthday FIsh
by Dan Yaccarino

A little girl is disappointed when she gets a fish for her birthday instead of a pony. Cute pictures and a good lesson for all kids to learn.

 Harry on the Rocks
by Susan Meddaugh

My boys love this book. My youngest because it is about a dog. My oldest because there is a dragon in it. It is a very cute story so I don't mind reading it. Which is a good thing since my boys ask to read it constantly!

 Dig Dig Digging
By Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe

This is a good book for little boys (or girls) who love reading about different types of vehicles. It talks about diggers, cranes, transporters and more.

I Just Forgot
By Mercer Mayer

This was the only Little Critter's book that I found at our library. You really can't go wrong with these books. Little Critter books are all really cute and we have been enjoying this one. Although I'm not sure if the boys get the humor. Oh well, At least I think it's funny.


  1. I love Little Critter! My kids don't get the humor, either, but I think they're hilarious books. Glad you found some that you liked! I'll have to add "Moose Tracks" to our list.


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