The House at Riverton

The House at Riverton
by Kate Morton

I really love Kate Morton's style of writing. She has a way of making a story come to life. When ever I read one of her books I am immediately swept into the story and feel as though I am right there watching it unfold. Really, I think she has an amazing way with words.

This story was no exception. I was completely mesmerized by this book. 

I'll admit it has a little bit to do with the stories setting which is very similar to Downton Abbey. I just finished season 2 and was feeling a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to watch any more episodes for a while. (Have a mentioned that I love, love, love that show?!) This book was perfect for filling that void. 

This story takes place during the same time frame as Downton Abbey, the early 1920's. It is told by a women who was a housemaid at Riverton. I was really stuck by the many simularities. The trauma caused by the war, the dissatisfaction of the young ladies of the House with the society rules, some of the servants desire to be something more and meddling of the older women in the affairs of the younger, just to name a few. The list could go on and on. There were some times when I thought the exact same conversation or at least a very similar one took place on an episode of Downton Abbey. There were the characters you despised and the characters you loved. All the things that make a great show and a great book.

This story revolves around a tragic suicide that took place at Riverton and as the story unfolds you discover that there is much more to the story then the public knows. I loved the way the story was told by Grace when she was in her late 90's. I felt like I was reliving the events along with her. That era is fascinating.

This was a fantastic book but I'll warn you it is not a happy tale. If you are looking for a good book about the 1920's in England this is a good one.