Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars
by Frank Beddor

I really enjoyed reading this re-imagnation of Alice in Wonderland. The fantastical world of Wonderland comes to life in this story.

 I loved that little things through out the book reminded me of the original story. But at the same time this story is completely unique. It takes the characters you know and puts a whole new spin on them.

This story is definitely aimed for the older kids. There is lots of fighting and killing in the War against Redd. But I did not find it to be too graphic even though a few people loss their heads.

Even though this is the first book in a series it has a satisfactory ending and doesn't leave any major cliffhangers, which I was happy about. Sometimes it is nice to finish a book with out feeling the need to rush out and find the next book so that you can find out what happens to everyone. 

At the same time there are plenty of openings for a continuation of the story. I enjoyed this book so I will definitely read the next book. 

If you are looking for a unique story you should read this story about Alyss and her adventures in Wonderland!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ender's Game

Ender's Game
by Orson Scott Card

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get around to reading this book. I have had several people recommend Orson Scott Card to me because I enjoy reading Sci Fi.

I was completely entranced by this book. Seriously, I could not stop thinking about it. I thought about it while I was reading it, when I was at work, as I was trying to fall asleep at night, while I was playing with my kids. 

And that's what I liked about this book. The story was interesting and I wanted to find out the truth. There were so many layers to this story.

This story follows a 6 year old boy as he is taken from his family and sent to battle school, where he is turned into soldier to fight in the upcoming Alien invasion. The young students at the school are forced to fight each other in war games and the adults exploit the situation to push Ender even harder.

 I liked that the story is told (mostly) from Ender's perspective, with only very small adult input, so that facts surrounding the war and the Aliens are not completely clear. You know that the adults are manipulating him, to turn him in to the leader they want him to be, but it is unclear what their true motives are.

To me this story was all about exploring just how much control we have over our own lives. We are influenced, starting at a very young age, by the people and leaders all around us and our decisions are made based on the things we learn from them. How much are we manipulated into doing exactly what others want us to do? How often are are decisions based solely on what we want and should they ever be?

I really enjoyed this book but I am still unsure if I want to read the next book. I liked how it ended and I am unsure where the story will go from here. 

Anyway, I thought this was a great Sci Fi book. One of the best I've ever read! And it looks like they are turning it into a movie... I can't wait!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


by Mary Higgins Clark

I'll admit I don't often read mysteries like this. My friend gave me this book along with a couple over crime drama type novels, so I figured I should give it a try.

I thought that this was a good read. It immediately caught my interest and I wanted to find out the truth behind her parent's deaths. I love trying to figure out the Truth when you know that there is some hidden secret waiting to be discovered.

I liked this book because it didn't take forever for the story to get going and it kept my interest the entire way through. There were characters I really liked and others I just didn't trust. Perfect for a good mystery!

I can see why Mary Higgins Clark is such popular writer. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Library Time

This time I went to the Library with a list of books to try. Thanks Kristy for the book recommendations!

Some of the books I found and some I didn't but found other books by the same author. It was a successful trip.

Here are a few the boys and I are enjoying.

Moose Tracks
by Karma Wilson and Jack E. Davis

Find out who left the moose tacks all over the house in this fun book. The pictures are delightful.

 The Birthday FIsh
by Dan Yaccarino

A little girl is disappointed when she gets a fish for her birthday instead of a pony. Cute pictures and a good lesson for all kids to learn.

 Harry on the Rocks
by Susan Meddaugh

My boys love this book. My youngest because it is about a dog. My oldest because there is a dragon in it. It is a very cute story so I don't mind reading it. Which is a good thing since my boys ask to read it constantly!

 Dig Dig Digging
By Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe

This is a good book for little boys (or girls) who love reading about different types of vehicles. It talks about diggers, cranes, transporters and more.

I Just Forgot
By Mercer Mayer

This was the only Little Critter's book that I found at our library. You really can't go wrong with these books. Little Critter books are all really cute and we have been enjoying this one. Although I'm not sure if the boys get the humor. Oh well, At least I think it's funny.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The House at Riverton

The House at Riverton
by Kate Morton

I really love Kate Morton's style of writing. She has a way of making a story come to life. When ever I read one of her books I am immediately swept into the story and feel as though I am right there watching it unfold. Really, I think she has an amazing way with words.

This story was no exception. I was completely mesmerized by this book. 

I'll admit it has a little bit to do with the stories setting which is very similar to Downton Abbey. I just finished season 2 and was feeling a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to watch any more episodes for a while. (Have a mentioned that I love, love, love that show?!) This book was perfect for filling that void. 

This story takes place during the same time frame as Downton Abbey, the early 1920's. It is told by a women who was a housemaid at Riverton. I was really stuck by the many simularities. The trauma caused by the war, the dissatisfaction of the young ladies of the House with the society rules, some of the servants desire to be something more and meddling of the older women in the affairs of the younger, just to name a few. The list could go on and on. There were some times when I thought the exact same conversation or at least a very similar one took place on an episode of Downton Abbey. There were the characters you despised and the characters you loved. All the things that make a great show and a great book.

This story revolves around a tragic suicide that took place at Riverton and as the story unfolds you discover that there is much more to the story then the public knows. I loved the way the story was told by Grace when she was in her late 90's. I felt like I was reliving the events along with her. That era is fascinating.

This was a fantastic book but I'll warn you it is not a happy tale. If you are looking for a good book about the 1920's in England this is a good one.