What My Kids Like

Do you find with children's books sometimes your kids love a book more then you do? I know that my kids like certain books that I don't really enjoy reading that much. I read them anyway because I would never want to discourage their desire to read or be read to but I really don't  look forward to it.

This is true of Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green, by Keith Baker. It's not that I dislike the book, I'm just not that into it. It might be because it contains three stories so it takes too long to read or it might be that the stories just aren't that interesting to me.

 Either way, my kids love this book. My oldest ask me to read it to him every night. I've gotten to the point that I make him choose one of the three stories so that I don't have to read the entire book. He often choose the 100 Pancakes, where Mr. Green eats 100 pancakes. He thinks it is pretty funny.

I guess this just shows that kids like different things then adults and I am willing to respect their opinions. I don't want to be the type of mom who forces her kids to like only the things I like. So I guess that means  if my kids don't like soccer, I won't make them play. Or if they want to play baseball I will let them even though I'm not a fan. Wow, this applies to a lot more then books, I'll have to remember that. ;-)


  1. All.the.time. It's hard to read a book that I'm not really digging over and over again, but I try to buck up and just do it because I love that they love it. I find that it works both ways--there are books that I love that OP isn't crazy about but he likes that I like it so he tolerates me reading it to him. I'm not sure I can have the same attitude about baseball, though. :)


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