Library Finds

Here are our favorite books from the Library this week:

 No More Kissing
by Emma Chichester Clark

This is a really cute book about a monkey who is tired of all the kissing that goes on around him, especially when it involves him. The pictures and the story are adorable and my kids thought it was funny.
This is the second book of hers I have really loved. I talked about I Love You, Blue Kangaroo here.

10 Little Rubber Ducks
by Eric Carle

This story is based on a Newspaper report he read in July of 2003 about a shipment of 29,000 rubber bath toys that fell overboard from a ship and ended up in a variety of places. Like the story the rubber ducks go in all directions. Up, down, right, left, etc. As with all of his stories, the pictures are great and we all loved the story. What a fun idea for a book!