Childhood Inspiration

Remember how I mentioned that I loved all kinds of animal books when I was a kid? 

I have loved animals all my life and growing up I always knew that I would work with animals when I was older.

I even told my counselor in high school that I wanted to work in a Zoo with tigers. She, of course, tried to convince me to pursue a more reasonable career, like becoming a lawyer or a doctor. I resisted.

I became a Veterinary Technician. I worked in a Zoo where I worked with Tigers. I loved it.

I credit my desire to work in a zoo to this vintage book:

It inspired me at a very young age to study something I loved in school.

I wish I could have found my copy of this book. My twin sister (also a Vet Tech) and I loved this book and read it until it was falling apart. It was one well loved book!

I love books. What books have inspired you?


  1. I don't remember this book. But I'm glad we had it for you.

  2. I think our cover looked a little different. This is the only example I could find.


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