The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson & The Olympians, book 5: The Last Olympian
By Rick Riordan

Wow, what a great ending to this series. I think I finished it quicker then the first four books, partly due to the fact that it is filled with no stop action and partly because I was dying to know how it all turned out. 

The first four books were filled with fascinating characters and exhilarating adventures, which all culminated in this final battle for Olympus (hope that isn't giving too much away!) I couldn't stop reading. I wondered, along with Percy, how the prophecy would play out and I was not disappointed. 

I loved this Series and I highly recommend it. There was even a small mention of things to come and now I want to start the next series. Hmmm... I really should read some other things so I have more of variety to post on my blog but it is very tempting. Has anyone read them? Are they as good as this series?


  1. Yay you finished! I loved this series. I read the first in the next series (The Lost Hero, I think?). It took me awhile to get into it, but I think I'll keep reading the series. He also has another series that's similar but is Egyptian gods instead and that one's been pretty good.


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