Judge and Jury

Judge & Jury
by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

I will admit that sometimes I judge a book by its cover and I'm guilty of that for this book. I see a lot of James Patterson books around. At garage sales, at the grocery story, at Target... the list goes on and on. I know that he must be a very popular writer but for some reason I have never tried one of his books before. Honestly, there have only been a few mystery/ thriller writers that I have enjoyed so I don't often seek new ones out. They are just not my go to type of novel.

A friend gave it to me to read and it has been sitting at my house for quite sometime.  I finally got around to reading it and  I found this story to be gripping. From the first page all the way to the last page, I was completely caught up in the story. I found his characters to be interesting and the story moved at a good pace. Stories are always so much better when you really care about the characters and what happens to them.  I couple times I thought to myself that this would make a great movie.

There was a lot of violence in this story. The villain is an evil mob boss, who does some really terrible things. At moments it was heart wrenching to read what was happening. Those are the moments I had to remind myself it was just a story. 

There were a few sexual encounters that were too graphic for my taste, which always ruins the book a little bit for me. It is just so unnecessary and really adds nothing to the story. 

This was a great thriller and I can see why he is such a popular writer.