The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Book 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth
by Rick Riordan

I know that my post have been sporadic and short recently but life has been busy (maybe even a little overwhelming) and so blogging and reading haven't been high on my to do list.

This series has been great. When I finally find myself with a little me time, I can pick up one of these books and escape into a world of fantasy and adventure. I love it. They are the perfect books for my busy schedule right now.

Just like the last 3 books, I really enjoyed reading this one. I think that the author, Rick Riordan, has done an amazing job of developing a story that keeps me interested and excited for more. I like how the story and the characters evolve from book to book. The twist and turns keep me intrigued. I'm never disappointed with the way things turn out. Sad yes, surprise sometimes, but never disappointed.

I can't wait to see how this series ends. How will they stop the evil they are facing and what will Percy's fate be?