Touch Not the Cat

Touch Not the Cat
by Mary Stewart

I recently answered a question asking me to choose between Mystery or Romance and I mentioned that many good Mysteries contained love stories. Well, this is a perfect example of that combination.

This story takes place in England, where a young women returns home following the death of her father. This is some mystery around the circumstances of his death and when she returns home she discovers that there is a family secret her father wanted her to uncover. She can also communicate telepathically with the person she is in love with but she doesn't know who this person is. Thus the love story with in a mystery.

Although it took me a while to read this story, I still enjoyed it. The story definitely moved a little slower then I normally like but I was immediately intrigued by the note left to her by her father. I wanted to find out what this hidden family secret was. The great thing about this mystery was that I was actually surprised when the truth was discovered. I often have some inclining of what the secret might be but not this time. 

I also liked the little excerpts at the end of each chapter that gave the reader a little glimpse into the family's past. They definitely helped keep my intrigued.