The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2: The Sea of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

Yeah, for a fun, easy read. I really need that this week. I have been working crazy hours at work and have been just too tired to do much of anything else. You know it's bad when your kids start asking you why you have to work so much. :-(

Anyway, less about me and more about the book. I really loved this book. I think I might like it even better then the first. My husband tells me the third is even better. I can't wait to read it.

What did I like about this book besides the fact that it was a quick, fun read? Well, it had a great plot with lots of action. Percy learned some new things about himself and his abilities. I love seeing characters grow and change because that's what life is like. We face challenges or trials and we grow from them. Finally, there were also some fun new characters and monsters. I especially loved Tyson. He was just so big and lovable. Plus he was great to have around when things started going amiss. 

So far I am really enjoying this series. I think I am going to go read book 3 right now!