Library Time

Life has been very busy recently. I haven't taken my kids to the library in weeks. My oldest has been asking to go the last couple of days so today we finally found time to go. We checked out a couple of our favorites from previous visits and we found some fun new ones.

Here they are:

 The Wonderful House
by Margaret Wise Brown's

This was a cute book that explores the homes of many different creatures. 

 Where's My Teddy
by Jez Albourough

This was an adorable book about a Teddy bear mix-up. 

 I Love You, Blue Kangaroo
by Emma Chichester Clark

This book, about a Kangaroo who feels forgotten, was a fun read. It was colorful and had a great story.

Little Gorilla
by Ruth Bornstein

I really loved this book about a baby gorilla who everyone loves even after he grows bigger. What a great message for little kids that we will always love them even when they grow up into big kids!