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There have been a few shows over the years that I have followed from beginning to end.  Shows that became a regular part of my weekly schedule and that I never stopped enjoying. 

Smallville was one of those shows and I sure am missing it this year. We have become big Smallville fans over the years. (I say we because My husband loved this show too.) 

It was such a great show and has been part of my TV routine for the past 10 years. I loved the way they ended the show and was so happy to finally see Clark Kent become Superman. But I still miss it.

I wonder if I will find a new show I love just has much. 

And while I'm on the subject of TV shows ending, Don't you hate it when a show you like gets cancel? 

I think it is especially disappointing when a show you enjoy gets cancelled after only one season or less. I always wonder if I was the only person who liked the show so much.

Here are a couple shows that I loved but only lasted a short time.

Firefly. I'm not sure if I can put into words just how great this show was and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I can watch the episodes over and over. Of course there are only 14 so that doesn't take long. At least I can watch Nathan Fillion in Castle now. I think he is hilarious!

Tru Calling. I may be one of the few people who watched this show but I thought that the concept was fascinating. I loved it and was so disappointed when it was cancelled shortly into their second season.

So what shows do you miss the most?


  1. Firefly was amazing!!! I loved it. Still do, in fact. Have you seen Serenity? I actually watched that before watching Firefly, so I was completely lost and thought it was weird. Then I saw the show, then watched the movie again, and it was awesome.

    I miss Dharma and Greg, too. Loved that show!

  2. I still miss the pretender. It was so good and I never understood why it only last a few seasons. I just started watching that new show Grimm and it is pretty good. If you like buffy and angel you should try it out.

  3. The Pretender was such a great show!

    Yeah, I have seen Serenity and loved it too!

    I remember Dharma and Greg. That was a funny show too.


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