These is My Words

These is My Words
By Nancy E. Turner

This book is written in Diary format and follows a young girl as her family treks to Arizona and eventually settles there.

It took me a few chapters to really get into the story. I became much more interested once they settled in Arizona. 

I really like Sarah Prine. She is spunky, determined and a little naive. I liked that she knew how to use a gun and that she was such a strong woman. 

I have never read an historical fiction book about Pioneers in the Western Territories and it has made me realize just how difficult their lives were. She faced so many tough and often tragic circumstances. This book has reminded me just how lucky we are. I feel especially grateful for modern medicine.

I enjoyed reading this book but I have to admit that the ending made me a little sad. It just seemed like she was always facing yet another tragedy in her life. Which is probably true in the life of a pioneer but still depressing. I am glad that I have the second book to read now so that doesn't have to be the end of her story for me.


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