The Schwa was Here

The Schwa Was Here
by Neal Shusterman

"She had to feel she had a place in her own life, or else maybe she thought she'd disappear somehow, too." pg160

This is a great book about what it feels like to go unnoticed in the world or at least to feel unnoticed.
It took me a couple pages to really get into the flow of this book only because I had to get used to the way his thoughts flowed. I think this was mostly due to the fact that the narrator is a young teenage boy. But that was really just a reflection of the character so I ended up really liking the writing style. I found the way he told this story to be very amusing.

I was immediately interested in where his relationship with the Schwa was going and how it would effect his relationship with everyone else around him.

But this book ended up being so much more then that. There was so much depth to this book. It truly illustrated the many ways that people feel forgotten or lost in their own life. From feeling like a middle child, losing yourself to your family, living alone, having a handicap, to feeling abandoned. Neal Shusterman is able to explore all these different issues in a fun and interesting way. I really loved the way this book got me thinking.

Oh and I loved the Chapter titles and enjoyed reading about Antsy many different adventures.  

If you are looking for something different, heartfelt and humorous this is the book for you.