Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed
by Emily Giffin

I had a great vacation with my family and even had time to relax and read a couple books. This is the first book I read during our stay in the mountains.

I actually borrowed this book from a friend at work, who offered it after hearing me talk about the movie. I was excited to read it and see how it compared to the movie. 

My reaction to the book was very similar to how I felt about the movie. At times I was frustrated and at times I was pleased with where the story was going. This is a story about a women who falls for her best friends fiance and the drama the ensues. 

I found myself getting frustrated with her attitude about her affair. She kept seeing him, even though he never promises to call off the wedding. I couldn't understand why she couldn't see how the situation was not going to end well for her. Of course, just like the movie, she had friends to show her the error of her ways but she did not always listen to them. 

At one point she claims that you can't help who you fall in love with, something I don't really agree with one hundred percent. You can choose your actions and the situations you put yourself in. If you don't get drunk and hang out with your best friends fiance then you wouldn't have the opportunity to fall in love with him. 

I disliked Darcy (i.e. the best friend) just as much in the book as I did in the movie.  In the movie they combine a couple of friends into one character but I thought it worked well that way so I was ok with it. I thought they did a good job making this story into a movie.

The second book is written from Darcy's perspective. Even though I don't like her character, I think it would be interesting to try understanding her point of view. This book was an entertaining read so I would definitely be willing to give the next book a go.