by Patricia McCormick

I had the opportunity to read this book during our stay at the cabin. It was a wonderfully written book and a very touching story.

It is written in diary form and follows a young 13 year old girl from Nepal, who is sold by her stepfather into prostitution in India. The events that follow are both tragic and shocking. 

This isn't a historical fiction about something that happened years ago. The references to digital camera's, David Beckham and The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera makes it very clear that this story takes place in our present day.

I thought this story did a great job of calling attention to the sex trafficking of young girls that occurs through out the world. It illustrates not only the terrible ways they are treated but also the fear they live in which prevents them from running away or seeking help. What a sad situation these girls are in, some as young as 11 years old.

This was a very quick read and well worth your time. I read it in a few hours and devoured every page. This was a really great book.