More about Movies...

We love movies at my house. We own hundreds... really people come to our house to "rent" movies from our collection.

I get really excited when a favorite book gets made into a movie. When it is done well, it is amazing to watch a book come to life on the big screen.

Along with millions of others, I am so excited for the up coming movies Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games. There was a preview for The Hunger Games at the movie we went to Saturday and although it was brief, it still filled me with excitement and anticipation.

Here are some other books I recently discovered are being turned into movies. They are still in the pre-prodcution stages so I don't know much else.

The Mortal Instruments. Loved this series and I think they would make great movies.

Shiver. A movie about werewolves. Yes please. 

The Host.  Anyone as excited about this one as me? I loved this book, maybe even a little better then Twilight.

A Wrinkle in Time. Read this book as a kid. I don't remember it well, I need to reread it, but I am definitely interested watching it. 

What books are you excited to see on the big screen?