Books Vs. Movies

I should have been catching up on my blogging tonight but instead I watched Jane Eyre.

I have been really excited to see the new film. I always love watching movies of my favorite books.

The movie doesn't have to follow the book perfectly for me to enjoy it, as long as they kept the feel of the story the same. And they aren't missing crucial pieces of the book.

I usually always like the movie, sometimes almost as much as the book. I love a good movie almost as much as a good book.

I enjoyed Jane Eyre and I think they did a good job keeping true to the feel of the book but I felt like I was only getting snip bits of the book. If I hadn't read the book I may have not understood the importance of some of the events of her life. I really wish there had been more. It just didn't feel like there was enough substance.

It is so hard to turn a classic, such as Jane Eyre, into a movie. There are so many details and events in the book. I can see how it would be hard to fit it all and keep the movie a decent length.

I did think the acting was great and I thought they cast the characters well. But the movie will never compare to the book.

Now I want to read the book again. I sure do love that story!


  1. It's an amazing book, for sure! I haven't seen this movie, but I really do like the version with William Hurt as Edward. If you get a chance, you should watch that one. It doesn't have the gypsy scene (which is my favorite) or the part with her getting caught up with the missionary dude, but other than that I feel like it captures the feel of the book perfectly. Plus, Jane is not pretty! I love it! (It's hard to find a movie where the heroine is not gorgeous, and Jane Eyre is not supposed to be!) Also, the musical is great, if you can find that. :)

  2. I'll have to check those out. I think I may have seen the William Hurt version and enjoyed it too. I do think they did a good job in this film with her hairstyle and makeup so she looked more plain. I didn't realize there was a musical. Now I am intrigued!


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