Booking Through Thursday

Here is this week's BBT Question:

There are so many crappy biographies … would you rather read a poorly-written biography of a fascinating life, OR an exquisitely well-written, wonderful read of one of a not-so-interesting life?

This was a hard question for me to answer. I'm not much of a literary critic. Really I just want the book to keep my attention and be enjoyable to read. What I consider "good" writing may differ from other people's view.

 I typically read only fiction and so rarely pick up a non -fiction book. I can only think of a few biographies I have read and they were required reading for a history class. Not the most exciting books I have ever read. ( and I like history)

I would probably choose to read a poorly- written book about a fascinating life because if their life is truly fascinating it would probably keep my interest. I would be less likely to read a boring book, even if it is well written.