Book Beginnings on Friday

Share the first line or two of the book you are currently reading and then if you feel so inclined share what your first impressions were and if you liked the sentence. Included the title and author so everyone knows what you are reading. Hosted by A Few More Pages.

The book I am currently reading is a collection of short stories so I wasn't sure if I should share the first sentence from the first short story or from the story I am currently reading. Also before each of her short stories the author as a one sentence teaser line, so do I write that or do I write the first sentence that begins the actually story? Who knew this could be so complicated? So you get two Book beginnings tonight since I couldn't decide. ;-)

The book is
 Pretty Monsters
 by Kelly Link

The Teaser line for the first story is: "Anyone might accidentally dig up the wrong grave."

This immediately peaked my interest. Who is going to be digging up Graves and why? And what happens if the wrong grave is dug up? Plus I can tell this is a very unique collection of stories,  something that I might really enjoy.

The first two sentences from the short story I am currently reading are:

" Fox is a television character, and she isn't dead yet. But she will be, soon."

At this point I have already read the first two stories which were imaginative and humorous. I am excited to find out more about this Fox and why she is so important to this story. Why is it that a television character's demise is the first thing mentioned? I am intrigued and pretty sure, based on the last two stories, that the answers will not be anything I can imagine on my own.