Summer Reading

Signed up my three year old today for our Library's summer reading Program. He gets a sticker for every five books he reads and prizes along the way.  There are 15 spots total so that makes 75 books to get through this summer. I'm probably more excited about it then he is.

For the older kids the program keeps track of the hours they read instead of tracking the number of books they read. They get a sticker for every hour they read.

I think I will join the fun too. 75 hours of reading in 3 months..... could be difficult with two young kids to keep entertained. We shall see how much I actually accomplish.

Have you set a summer reading goal for you and your family?

Check out your local library and see if they have a summer reading program your kids can enjoy.
Or create your own goals and chart to keep track of your progress.

Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program for kids grade 1 - 6. They earn a free book if they read 8 books. Check it out.

Now get reading!


  1. Hi Kerri,

    This just goes to prove the point that is often made over here in UK, about the amount of library closures that are happening.

    I have noticed that there are large volumes of children who still use their library on a regular basis and thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the experience.

    Given that schools are also cutting back on their library facilities, I think that public libraries are a necessary community function. We should be encouraging the young at every opportunity, whether it be reading or anything else and to erode all of the facilities one by one, is going to end up by storing up trouble for us all as a society not too much further down the line!!

  2. So true... I grew up spending many summer days at the library and have many fond memories of those times.
    It warms my heart when my three year old gets excited to go to the library. I want my children to get as much enjoyment out of going to the library as I did as a child.


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