by Daphne Du Maurier

My good friend Kirstin suggested this book to me.  She said it was a suspenseful story that she didn't want to put down.

She also mentioned that it had also been made into a movie that she was looking forward to watching. So I got onto the library website to look it up and discovered that it was a Hitchcock film. Now I was doubly intrigued!

I love Alfred Hitchcock. Really, he is one of the all time greatest directors, especially of suspense and psychological thrillers.

I definitely found this book to be very suspenseful and a good read. The story was interesting and I just had to know what the real story behind Rebecca's death was. 

It did seem to take a long time for any real action to start. It started to get really intriguing around chapter 13.  

There is a ton of description in this novel. I found myself skimming paragraphs of elaborate descriptions of gardens and so forth to get back to the plot. Which I wouldn't say necessarily is a bad thing since I do the same thing with Tolkien and I ♥ Lord of the Rings! Seriously, I could write an entire post about how many pages of just description it takes him to describe a forest in Fellowship of the Ring. *I know I'm not the only one who feels this way*

Anyway, I did get a little bored with all the description but overall the story was a good suspenseful tale. I can't wait to check out the movie now.

Does anyone else think the Cover makes it look like a romance novel? If my friend hadn't suggested this book to me I would never have picked it of the self. I think the cover does not convey what the story is all about very well. Which just goes to prove never judge a book by its cover.