Booking Through Thursday

A weekly meme about books and reading
What’s the largest your personal library has ever been? What’s the greatest number of books you’ve ever owned at one time? (Estimates are fine.)
Is your collection NOW the biggest it’s ever been? Or have you down-sized?
What’s the fewest number of books you’ve ever owned (not counting your pre-reading years)?

It is hard for me to estimate how large my personal library is now and what it was at it's biggest. At one point I had two bookshelves full of books and that doesn't mean neatly stacked in a row. That means piled on top of the shelf, book stacked on top of books, books squeezed into every nook and cranny. Plus an entire box of my childhood books in the attic.

When I had my first child I had to figure out a new place to store them because our extra bedroom became the nursery. I got rid of as many as I could bare to part with so my collection became smaller. Of course, I then started added children's books to my collection so it as grown again.

We always had lots of books in our house growing up and I loved it. I want to provide the same for my children.

I know I have well over a hundred books but that is as about all I can say. And I'm sure I will donated more to the library and buy more. My book collection is constantly changing and I think that is a good thing.


  1. Visiting from BTT

    Good for you to be able to manage to donate~ I usually only bring in, only send out if they are books we end up not liking. (Oh dear... I'm a candidate for hoarders... a book hoarder! ;0 )

  2. It is hard to part with the books sometimes. But when I run out of space to store books it is nice to know that someone else might enjoy one of them. :-)


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