by Laurie Halse Anderson

This story is a haunting tale of a teenager's struggle with Anorexia. It delves deep into the emotional and physical challenges a person with anorexia might face.  It explores the triggers that cause this desire to continually lose weight.

I found the story to be fascinating and eye opening. It was interesting to read about the distorted self image, the attempts to hide the truth and the physical toil the disease takes on the body. I also found it interesting how unaware her family seemed to be about how deadly her struggle had become.

The story was very intense at parts but I could not put it down. I ached for her and could not stop reading as her desire to live came into direct conflict with her desire to lose weight.

I though this was a great book and a must read, especially for parents and teens who want to understand the struggles that those with eating disorders face on a daily basis.