Water for Elephants

Water For Elephants
by Sara Gruen

It took me a while to get a hold of this book. I was 79th on the holds list at the library but It finally became available last week. I really hate buying a book unless I know I'm going to like it even if it is a best seller. I was really excited to finally read this book and find out what all the fuss was about.

First I will start with what I liked about this book. A few years ago I worked with elephants and so it should come as no surprise that I just fell in love with Rosie the Elephant. She was portrayed as intelligent and endearing.

I though the story was fascinating and the characters interesting. It gave me a perspective of what life in the circus in the 1930's might have been like. I also liked how the author switched between present day and the past. Between where Jacob was in his 90's and what he was doing in his early 20's. I also liked how she ended the story.

But with all that being said I was disappointed with some of the other content of this book. The sexual content was just too much for my taste. Sometimes it is better to just leave somethings to the imagination. I do not think I needed all the detailed descriptions of these encounters to come to the conclusion that many of the circus folks were sleazy and amoral. This really highlights my reasons for not wanting to buy a book before I read it first.

Of course after reading this book I am really excited to see the movie. I think that this story will be great as a film. I think this may be one of those rare cases where I like the movie more than the book. But I'm getting ahead of myself now so I guess I shall just have to wait and see if that holds true.