by Brandon Mull

I kept hearing about these books and I just had to find out why so many people were reading them. I always feel like I am the last to know about popular series but I am always glad to discover the reason for their popularity. I will never choose not to read a book  because it is too popular or too young for me.

I made that mistake when Harry Potter first came out. I though to myself that it was a kids book and I would find it that entertaining. When I finally gave Harry Potter a chance I loved it and regretted that I hadn't read it sooner. I look back now and realize how silly it was for me to not read a book because it was popular and in the Children's section. It's ok to love the same books everyone else does!

This book was also in the Children's section and guess what,  I loved it too!

This was a fun, entertaining story about to siblings who learn about the mystical preserve that their Grandparents run.  This is a great fantasy. It's story is unique and well told. The younger brother is adventurous and constantly getting into trouble, while his sister is level headed and obedient. Their differences became essential for the telling of this tale about the decisions they make and their consequences.

I am excited to read the rest of this series. I hope they are just as good.


  1. I loved this whole series! It was fantastic and I've been thinking I need to read it again. I always seem to resist the super-popular books, too, but usually find that I love them. I was the same as you with Harry Potter and looking back I wonder why I was so silly about it...I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Happy reading!


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