The Only Alien on the Planet

The Only Alien on the Planet
by Kristen Randle

"... Never, never make the mistake of thinking you're the only alien on the planet." (page 4)

Thank you Kristy, for introducing me to this gem of a book!

What a beautiful, emotional and thought provoking book. I really loved this story.

Don't we all at some point feel like an alien, an outcast or just different from those around us? I loved the way this book handled the concept of what makes us normal.

But this is much more then a book about being normal or different. This is a book about creating relationships, stepping outside of comfort zones, and changing lives.

At one point in the story, the main character Ginny says, "The thing about me is - essentially, I'm a coward.  I am. I can't stand weird stuff, anything that's not normal- mental illness and death and hospitals and pain  and suffering and scary movies and people who need you and going into the basement alone at night."

Isn't that a feeling we all feel when we are forced to face the unknown or unfamiliar? I could really relate to the way she feels and I found her change from reluctant acquaintance to friend compelling.

 I couldn't stop reading it. This heartfelt story really shows the important influence of  friends and family. (Not always a good thing. ) How it shapes who we are and who we become. It also shows how the smallest act can change a life forever.

This is a must read for everyone!