The Mortal Instruments

City of Ashes and City of Glass
by Cassandra Clare

I'm not sure if I can put into words just how much I enjoyed these books but I will try.

This was a great series. Each book was as good as it's predecessor. Where one book left of the next one began, drawing me right back into the heart of the story. The pacing was great and I was enthralled by the story.

I love fantasies and I really liked the supernatural aspect of this story. It was a unique story, unlike any other book I have read before.

The characters were intriguing and I felt myself becoming attached to certain people and repulsed by others. Almost like I could sense who was going to be good and who was going to be bad. I really think that is a sign of a good author.

I also thought that the message of the story was good. Not judging others based on their background. Of course in the book it is in reference to downworlders (vampires, werewolves, etc.) but I think it can just as easily be applied races or cultures.

I also really liked it's message about what makes a family. Jace, who was raised but friends of his father, struggles with figuring out who he is and who his true family is. It really illustrates how important the good influence of the people around you are.

There have been a few young adult series that I have loved and enjoyed every minuted of. The type of books that I can not put down, that I get absorbed into every page. This was one of those series.